Pre blog

This blog serves 2 purposes:
1. Because our blog is private and doesn't show updates, I am going to put the title of our posts on here so that you can see when we update. And then you can go to our private blog from here.
2. Sometimes I find friends private blogs and there is no way for me to leave them a message to add me. So, if you find us and want to be added to our private blog leave a message here

Friday, December 11, 2009


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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Going Private!

I have to decided to take our blog private. There are just so many weirdos out in the world and I just don't want to have so much information out there! So what I did is changed the address on the real blog and I will have this address as the pre-blog. You don't need to change the address in your blog list, just send me your email address and I will give you permission to view it. When I make a post on the private (real) blog I will put a link here so that you can see easily when I update! So just send me your email addresses! For those of you that have already been invited click here